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AFSL House has helped over 130 financial services businesses get their AFSL in the shortest period of time possible.

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We have helped over 132 clients obtain an AFSL.
Our four-step process streamlines the AFSL application and maximises your chance of obtaining an AFSL in the shortest time possible.

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Free initial consultation with one of our senior lawyers.

We’ll discuss the likelihood of an AFSL being granted, and may suggest recommendations that you can implement beforehand to improve your chances.

Transparent disclosure on legal fees and other costs payable to obtain an AFSL. Fixed fee and hourly rate options available.



Engage Us

We will have an initial strategy session with you to ensure your corporate structure is appropriate.

Advice on the type of AFSL required.

We vet any responsible managers or other changes to the business which have been made to improve your prospects of success.

We prepare the documents and proofs that are required to be accompanied with the AFSL application.

Apply for AFSL

We submit the AFSL application on your behalf and are nominated as your representative.

We respond to ASIC enquiries and requisitions.

We review the AFSL authorisations and conditions proposed by ASIC and provide you with advice on whether they are acceptable.

Ongoing Compliance

We prepare the disclosure documents you need to launch your product or service.

We implement the policies and procedures which you are required to maintain.

Access our lawyers on an unlimited basis under our fixed fee compliance retainer.

Access our leading compliance portal.


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Compliance & Regulation

Access our industry leading compliance stack.

We prepare tailored compliance and risk frameworks to reflect your business and ensure you are complying with your obligations.

  • Drafting compliance policies and procedures
  • Advice on legal and compliance obligations
  • Responsible manager training and support services
  • In-house compliance officer services
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Audits & Investigations

Audits & Investigations

Detecting and remedying issues is a key component of an effective risk and compliance framework.

We audit your policies and procedures to detect deficiencies and breaches and recommend best practice improvements.

We act for AFSL holders who are subject to audits and investigations by ASIC, AUSTRAC and the TPB.

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White Label

Our services are white labelled to other law firms so they can continue to provide an excellent service to their clients.

Join the growing number of law firms that white label our services to retain their existing clients and appeal to other financial services companies.

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